Sunday, November 3, 2013

WSJ's Emerging Europe Blog

Central and Eastern European countries are places of unexplored mystique for many Americans who would rather travel to more iconic European countries.  Germany and France dominate international headlines for their political strength in the EU; the UK continues to be a very visible American partner and hub for international business.  Until a few months ago, I counted myself among the many who just don't know much or follow what's happening in Central and Eastern Europe.  One of the reasons I was interested in the YAGM program in Hungary was what I suspected to be its interesting location on the fringe of stronger European countries and its fascinating history.  

I recently stumbled upon the Wall Street Journal's Emerging Europe blog which provides in-depth and up to date context for what's happening in these emerging countries.  Even if you're not interested, it's worth scrolling through the page to glance at the headlines to note social issues, politics, business, and other things American cable news never mentions.

On this subject, I'll be in Ukraine for the next three days visiting several Roma camps as well as an orphanage and recovery house for people with addictions.  There will be more to come on all of that.  

As always, thanks for reading!

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