Friday, February 7, 2014

Life Since Christmas in Photos

Here are a few glimpses of life since late December. Things have been relatively quiet since then letting me focus on my work at the Children's House and learning Hungarian. 

My sister, Kirsten, came to Gorogszallas for three days after Christmas.  Afterwards, she and I explored Budapest and Vienna together.  

The YAGM Hungary crew in Budapest for New Years Eve

Spent some time in the palatial Hofburg Library in Vienna  

Last night in Vienna with Kirsten

Milan getting crafty at the Children's House

Helping Mate and Virag prep for their English Language exam

Visiting a Roma neighborhood outside of Nyiregyhaza with a local organization, Human Net, and some familiar faces from Phiren Amenca--a Budapest-based organization focused on Roma and non-Roma dialogue.

The Hungarian army has long since abandoned these barracks which are now inhabited by many Roma families. Given the condition of the buildings and the poverty of many of the families who live there I was struck by the TV and internet dishes.

Finally in mid-January we got our first snowfall in Gorogszallas! There was just enough for me to pull some kids around on a sled!