Thursday, July 10, 2014

Meet Tamás

Meet Tamás!  A few weeks ago when I gave a presentation in Nyïregyhaza about the U.S. and the "American Dream" I met Tamás.  In August he'll leave Hungary and spend one year in the U.S. as an AFS exchange student.  Where in the U.S.? He doesn't know yet, but finds out soon. 

This last Tuesday we met again and I helped him prepare his scholarship paperwork.  His English is pretty good--definitely better than by Hungarian.  It's amazing how quickly you pick up on new words and grammar once you have a good foundation.  For me, this foundation didn't feel solid until February or March. Tamás is in for a great year, and I think he's especially brave to leave home for 12 months at age 16.

Talking and meeting with such a motivated student was a highlight of my week and I'm happy to share it on here!

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