Monday, April 14, 2014

Posta ember

Every morning around 11 the Görögszállás post man comes into the village and taps his horn a few times to announce his arrival.  In Hungary, and probably other places, people can go to the post office and pay their bills for their cell phone, utilities, house payment, TV, internet.  People end up having a lot of interaction with the post man, especially since many of them are home during the day.

The post man, though, isn't all business.  Earlier in the year I had a lot of mail requiring my signature while I was trying to get a visa.  When the post man came inside for a signature, he usually got a cup of coffee, and sometimes a typical Hungarian three-course lunch. When he stops by the Children's House he kicks the soccer ball with the kids and has such a friendly, approachable nature that they all flock to him.  

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