Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My First Tweet-chat

Brevity is not typically my strong suit, but my ability to respond to questions in 140 characters or less was put to the test Sunday night.  

Our YAGM Central Europe group (which is really just Hungary) participated in a twitter-chat session with members of the Northeast Iowa ELCA Synod.  People back in Iowa tweeted questions using the hashtag #HungaryYAGM and we responded with our brief answers.  People viewing this chat back in Iowa could watch all of our responses in real time.

This was my first tweet-chat.  While I'd usually prefer a live stream of audio or video, a tweet-chat has the advantage of having a permanent archive accessible to anyone anywhere. 

Here's a link created by one of our Iowa friends of the hour long conversation.  None of my tweets show up on this aggregated feed because I didn't apply the right settings beforehand.  Now I know.

Thanks to our Iowa friends for getting us on board with this!

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  1. I got your tweets from your twitter page & included them on this transcript http://storify.com/PastorJoelle/hungary-yagm-tweetchat?utm_source=1%2F8+Weekly&utm_campaign=SynodNews&utm_medium=socialshare